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Poyyathuruthy Mathew Jussay


Prof. PM Jussay was born on June 19, 1919 at Chennamangalam, a sleepy village in the outer suburbs of Cochin in Kerala. After his preliminary education in his native village, he went to St. Joseph's College in Trichy from where he took his Post Graduate degree in English Literature.


He started his teaching profession at St. Joseph's College, Trichy as a lecturer and then at Annamalai University and  Alagappa Chettiar College, Karaikudi. He moved to Kerala in 1962 when he joined, Regional Engineering College, Calicut as the Head of the Dept. of Humanities. He had been a visiting faculty in many Universities in USA and Europe. He retired from his teaching profession in the year 1979.


While working at Calicut,he came in contact with the faculty members of the Department of History at Calicut University. This revived his early interest in History and took up on the study of Jews of Cochin. On Account of his initiative it was possible to collect their ancient wedding songs in Malayalam, which were not printed and preserved, but passed by word of mouth from generation to generation. These songs contain their ancient traditions and information regarding their customs and manners.


He was awarded a grant by the Foundation for Jewish Studies in USA for visiting Israel and conducting further studies, since a large number of Kerala Jews had by then migrated to Israel. He published many papers on this subject from Ben - Zvi Institute in Jerusalem which was appreciated world over by the scholars on the Jewish studies. He chaired "The World Convention for Jewish Studies" held at Jerusalem during the same year. The then President of Israel Mr. Yitzhak Navonn appreciated his efforts and gave him a personal interview.


On his return from Israel, he was appointed as the Chief Editor of Kerala Times Daily - a malayalam lanaguage news paper. As the Chief Editor of Kerala Times Daily, he attended many international conventions of Journalists around the globe.


He was one of the four invited by the Anthropological Survey of India to prepare a 10 volume book on the anthropological sub divisions of Kerala. He was an active member of the Indian History Congress and had presented many papers at its various sessions about the Jews of Kerala and have been accepted as authentic documents on the Jewish Community in Kerala.


He has written short stories and articles on history, philosophy and literature in almost all leading publications in malayalam. His book "two bible stories" was published in malayalam in the year 1997 and the book "Jews of Kerala" in English was published in 2005.