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The Jews of Kerala - Prof. PM Jussay

The history of the spread of Jews and Judaism in to Asia and the development of Oriental Jewish diaspora is still shrouded in great obscurity. As far as India proper is concerned the Jews of Cranganore in Kerala have the oldest tradition. The First evidendence of Jews in Kerala is the presence of three Hebrew Parsi signatures on a Copper plate granted to the Persian Christians of Quilon in the tenth century
In the present volume, Prof. Jussay has made an attempt to reconstruct the history of Kerala Jews based on his research and study of folksongs prevalent among the Cochin Jews before their migration to Israel. Though there are various attempts by eminent Jewish historians, including Prof. JB Segal, to reconstruct the ok Kerala Jews,  Prof. Jussay's attempt remains unique. He elicits direct information from the rich folk heritage of Kerala Jews accrued over the years in Kerala landscape.


Randu Bible Kathakal ( Two Bible Stories) - Prof. PM Jussay

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